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Empowerment is not a luxury for human beings. It is a must. Only an empowered person can truly be productive, responsible and progressive. Empowerment is not only about power gained within oneself. It also means understanding your own energies, the energy flux that is the Universe, and to fine tune yourself, to always be in harmony with the flux. Not esoteric at all, this is the most sensible, practical and useful way to becoming empowered.

  Activity Description
  Purna Prana Yoga in motion
  Music Hour with Kristen Jain
  Martial Arts Exploring the Self
  Voice and Speech Training Learning the fun way!
  Mend Your Relationships Come on, do it!
  Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy with Dr. Shachi Mathur
  Performances for any occasion Celebrating Life!
  Theatre Festivals The Gold Experiences - Experiences of Love Expressed
  Creative Writing Workshops For All!
  Food for Thought A performance, a workshop and food to top it all!
  Deewanon Ki Mehfil The weekly meeting of our Theatre Club
  Theatre Workshops For All!
  Empowerment Workshops For individuals
  Theatre Workshops For schools
  Intimate Evenings Enriching experiences through entertaining performances
  Dance Meditation Connect with your inner expression

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